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Early in the evening on March 8 I received a call to let me know that mama had gone into labour only a few hours later they informed me they were headed to the hospital. It was time for them to meet their second child, their first little girl. I walked into the room to find mom quietly breathing through her contractions, dad patiently talking her through and little brother sat watching a movie on his ipad, settled in for a long night. 

The birth of baby Fern as told by her mom Lisa: ” It seemed fitting that on International Women’s Day 2018 I would begin an intense labour to birth my only daughter. At 41 weeks pregnant we were well and truly ready to meet our sweet little girl and that excitement stayed with our little family throughout her 11 hour journey earth side. .

Big Brother slept soundly at home while I laboured quietly in the darkness of the dining room and Hubby watched on. With the tens machine on and calmbirth guided meditations playing, I was taken to a place of calm and purpose. Upon entering our small bathtub at home I decided I would like to head to the birthing suite to submerge in the deeper tub as I knew active labour had begun. Although the car trip was less than 10 mins I just knew I wanted to move past that part and settle in to the room where we would meet our girl..

Labour intensified once we had settled into our dimly lit room with essential oils flowing and I retreated to the bathroom where I remained until our girl was born, alternating between the deep bath, the shower and the toilet. Hubby was the strong and steady presence I needed him to be within arms length. Big brother alternated between watching a movie and being with us. He set his own pace for immersion into the birthing space. .

Transition got me good. All the doubts set in and I questioned my ability to birth my baby despite having done exactly that just 6 years earlier with our son. But as the doubts began to wash over me my little girl sent me a sign that the end was near with my waters breaking as I laboured over the toilet.

I awoke from the meditative state I had been immersed in and became aware of the sweet smell of calming essential oils, my beautiful music playlist, our photographer in the corner and my husbands face against mine. I noticed our son in the adjoining room and asked hubby to bring him in if he would like to witness the birth of his sister. .

The next contraction brought different sounds and sensations. I knew this feeling! We had surpassed transition and would meet our baby soon. After an hour or so of pushing, our big 4kg beautiful girl was born into the water right in front of her brother’s wondrous eyes. He still talks about this moment, recalling it with such excitement and pride. The sibling bond they share is stronger than I ever could have imagined and it is an absolute pleasure to witness each and every day. .

Our little girl spent the next few hours feeding and enjoying skin-to-skin with Mama and then Daddy and finally brother got his turn. After a couple more hours we were ready to head home to snuggle up in bed as a new family of four.”

I can just imagine in years to come when this little girl has grown into a beautiful young lady and ready herself to become a mother. With mom by her side they will sit looking at the photos of her own birth, telling stories, sharing secrets.  The tale of her moms strength will offer so much encouragement for her own journey into motherhood.