What do I wear to my shoot?

I’m all about being your unique self. So when deciding what to wear please be true to yourself and wear something you love and feel comfortable in. However, I know family and newborn photos are an important and sometimes a one off event.  Think simplicity, comfort, complementing colours, hues and tones.  

Please don’t dress to match, everyone in denim and white shirts is not such a good look. Steer clear of brand names, loud colours, pictures, T-shirts with Logos.. Peppa pig is adorable but not so much in photographs.  Consider textures, a mix of wools, cottons, lace, silk and corduroy can create depth and intimacy. Long flowing dresses are a personal favourite and can complement a photograph beautifully. 

I know this may all sound a little overwhelming, especially if you have a large family to dress. Please don’t let it be a stress to yourself. I want this to be a positive experience. I’m more than happy to give you further styling advice or refer you to some great Pinterest boards on family photography styling.