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Sunset Outdoor Family session - Green Hills Wanda, NSW

I remember the first family photo session that I had (as a customer, not the photographer) Like most others I was nervous. “Its kind of dinner and bed time, my kids are still so little, what is someone has a tantrum or is too shy to even look at the camera, what if I loose my cool, how on earth am I going to get them to smile,” were all thoughts running through my head. I know the photographer was amazing and sure none of her photos had cranky 2 year olds in them but I was sure we would be THAT family and I would have paid so much money for grumpy faces.

BUT I was so wrong. It was so much fun. Every time I look at the photos blown up extra big on my lounge room wall I remember that evening. I don’t remember it because I got stunning photos of my family – don’t get me wrong I got STUNNING photos of my family, but its because it felt like for the first time in a long long time all I did that evening was have fun with my kids. There were no dishes to be washed, no washing to hang up, no to do list sitting on the table while you are trying to be present. No iPhones, no TV, no fights or squabbles and none of me saying “just a second” to 2 and 4 year olds just wanting a little bit of my attention. It was all about them, and us, and smiling, and having fun, in a place we love and remembering exactly what I adore about being a mum to begin with.

If you book a family session with me this is my gift to you. The main rule is you are there to just love your family!

Spend minutes staring at their faces. Do that funny dance that they think is hilarious. Sing Here we go round the mulberry bush for the 5th time in a row because they love it and if they don’t want to look at the camera or do as I ask give them a big cuddle, hold their hand and ask what they want to do (yes you can grab an ice cream afterwards). Let them get their feet muddy, their clothes wet and throw a big pile of sand at daddy.

Don’t worry about cranky dads, tired babies or hungry toddlers I’ll handle it.

And when you get home and tuck them into bed, I hope you smile, give them a kiss and this gosh that was such a fun evening.

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