So lets capture it...

from the very beginning,
each and every chapter.




Every moment tells its own story 

Oh little one, each passing day brings us closer to meeting you. This is where our story begins, from a microscopic cell to a heartbeat, a squirm and a kick. Slowly transforming a dream into a reality, you’ll always be our tiny peanut.  

Where our journey began, heartbeats in unison. 

A day we’ll never forget, filling us with endless wonder, hope, and possibility. With one final push, you were in our arms at long last. Your tiny cries were music to our ears and with a tender kiss, we knew you’d be ours to love and protect forevermore.    

Love at first sight, our lives changed forever. 

In our happy bubble, we watch as you absorb the world around you. Growing, changing, we embrace every inch
and detail of you. As you wrap your wee fingers around ours and flash your gummy smile, you complete our world beyond words.

Rosy cheeks and soft rolls, we watched you grow.

Time moves too fast and too slow all at once, as you turn into a mini-sized adult. Between bedtime stories and air kisses, you’ll always be our baby. Adventure the world, my little one, I’ll be right here waiting with a long hug upon your return

You are our beginning and end, our legacy.  

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