....10 years from now your child strolls through the door and asks about the day they were born. You close your eyes and try to picture it, but time has made it all a bit blury. So you head over to the bookshelf and pull out an album. Its a bit rough around the edges you have paged through this book so many times before. You both settle in on the couch and open it wide.

There on those pages are details clear as day they transform you straight back to that moment in time. The day you became a family, the day your whole life changed, the day THEY were born. 

All the emotions come rushing back, the strength you never knew you even had, that rush of power and freedom and that deep, deep love that seemed to come from another world. 
You see photographs arn't for tomorrow or next month, they arn't even for a year from now. Photographs are for the days beyond, and the story isn't just yours to tell. 


I remember the first time I laid eyes on my baby, well at least I thought I did. Then my husband retold that story at a dinner with friends and included a whole lot of detail. Detail that I seemed to have forgotten.

Our bodies are these amazing things. They work, open and transform to bring a new life into the world. They do this by breaking us down in a process that often involves some pain, fear and a lot of endurance, power and perseverance. We are broken down to be rebuilt in a new way. To be rebuilt as the perfect mother to a tiny human that will rely on us for years to come. You see we are designed to forget, to forget the breaking down. As days go by the memories fade often to make way for new memories, ones that involve you and your little one. But in these faded memories are some of the most precious moments of your life, moments where your world truly changed forever.

This is what drives me to birth photography, the desire to capture these life changing hours, minutes and seconds. Because once its gone, its gone forever.
So don't let them fade, keep them safe.

Capture this time and SHOW the pictures to your sons and daughters.
Snuggle up in bed and show them the story of the day they were born, picture by picture. Tell them how you felt, what you were scared of, what excited you, what got you through and how you managed that one last big push that ultimately resulted in them. 

Why Birth Photography?


The birth space is so sacred and vulnerable it is so important that you are comfortable with the people who enter that space. For this reason we take the time to get to know each other and make sure you are fully comfortable with me and the energy I will be bringing into your "nest".
I will be apart of your birth team, not just a fly on the wall thats there to photograph you and this amazing occasion. but someone that will hold space for you, care for you and be there for you and your partner where needed. 
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This is me! An award winning Birth Photographer in Sydney 

I'll be on call as your birth photographer 24/7 from 38 weeks until the birth oh your baby. 

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birth photography packages start at $1750 with a typical client spending $3500

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