As a mum of two, I know first-hand the bittersweet moments of watching my kids grow up. Every year, between August and September (their birthdays), you’ll find me laugh-crying over our family photo albums, allowing the nostalgia to wash over me.

I love the tiny adults they’re becoming as they explore the world around them, but how I long for the days when I could still cradle them in my arms and nuzzle into the newborn smell. Time has a knack of whizzing by - one minute you’re changing their nappies and the next, you’re cheering them on as they take their first brave wobbly steps. Before you know it, they’re choosing their own mismatched outfits and waving goodbye as they leave for their first day of school…Each precious photo holds a perfect moment that I can keep going back to, a little key that unlocks each memory.

Capturing stories as they happen, creating art that honours your legacy, it’d be my honour to transform your fleeting moments into lifelong memories.

Hey you, I’m Kendyl!
I can’t stop time, but my photographs can.

Sydney Lifestyle Photographer

I’m your somewhat typical suburban mum, juggling life as a single mum and a career that I love. You know, one of the ones that magically survive on cold coffee and the kids’ leftover toast crusts.

Far from showy or fancy, you’ll often find me hanging out in my activewear or the classic jeans and white tee combo, with my hair haphazardly tied back. Food is my love language and the beach is my all-time happy place. My favourite “me time” activity is to lay on a hammock in the sun with some smooth beats playing in the background…ahh, the bliss!

I’m naturally an introvert and can be rather shy, but don’t worry, that’s my superpower when it comes to coordinating your photography session! Allowing you and your family to shine, I’ll gently coax you into having fun throughout your shoot.

A bit about me...

I want to take you back to that exact moment in time.

Human connection
Experience over production

My Approach

I see myself as a bit of a woman’s advocate. With every click, I’m here to celebrate you exactly as you are and make you feel like you MATTER. Because you bring amazing value to those around you and the world. You are the heroine of your story.

A serial thinker, I often search the crevices of my soul and mind to push the limits of my emotional strength, aspiring to be kinder and more loving with each passing day.

Woman to woman, mother to mother, friend to friend, I’ll hold space for everything that makes your heart beat the hardest.

To be completely honest, 


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